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Desert statue

A design concept that was developed into an eco-friendly statue at the entrance of Yeruham, a desert-surrounded city in Southern Israel. It is designed to be visually assimilated yet have environmental impact while promoting a motif of progress to symbolize the city’s advancements in the recent years.
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Vaica Medical

Proactive remote patient management

Medy is a personally customized remote patient monitoring clip that transforms a paperboard package into a smart medication adherence solution. Designed to create a gateway that enables the collection of the patient’s health data seamlessly, along with timed encouragement messaging.

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An extendable fly trap

The fly trap requires sufficient volume to include its special liquid which attracts the flies as well enough empty space. The studio re-designed this blockbuster product with the intention to reduce production and logistics cost and improve retail presentation. The final product presented a design with a new expanding container which is shipped and sold in compact configuration and opened in time for out-doors use. FlyBuster’s open configuration multiplies it’s “catch” volume by 3 times trapping hundreds of annoying flies…

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Desktop rotational molding system

AXIS™ is a home desktop system that produces hollow plastic products based on rotation manufacturing technology. The goal is achieved by volume reduction and a combination of automation and user-friendly interface using a smartphone.


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