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Toilet bowl cleaner

Flowy is a consumable product for the house cleaning and hygiene market. It’s designed as an affordable product with looks of a stylish accessory. The main challenge was to keep a low cost production process and assembly while ensuring complex functionality of water flow, circulation, sealing and fit amongst others.
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A fully operational prototype was developed, tested and proved to deliver key functional and design requirements.

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Aero Sentinel

A Quadcopter for quick response missions

One of my childhood dreams, a long time before I founded my studio, was to design an aircraft. When Aero Sentinel, an Israeli UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) manufacturer asked the studio to design a quadcopter for highly demanding quick response missions, we were very excited to get started.
The challenge in this project was to design and construct an aerodynamic quadcopter that will be energy efficient, and have minimal drag while flying in high velocity towards the target. The end result that was developed in cooperation with Aero Sentinel is a UAV with a unique aerodynamic form.

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An extendable fly trap

The fly trap requires sufficient volume to include its special liquid which attracts the flies as well enough empty space. The studio re-designed this blockbuster product with the intention to reduce production and logistics cost and improve retail presentation. The final product presented a design with a new expanding container which is shipped and sold in compact configuration and opened in time for out-doors use. FlyBuster’s open configuration multiplies it’s “catch” volume by 3 times trapping hundreds of annoying flies…

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Desert statue

A design concept that was developed into an eco-friendly statue at the entrance of Yeruham, a desert-surrounded city in Southern Israel. It is designed to be visually assimilated yet have environmental impact while promoting a motif of progress to symbolize the city’s advancements in the recent years.


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