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blink is a start up company developing a money transfer platform, their initial target audience are foreign workers in Israel who send money home to their families abroad. The branding process started with thorough research of the many competitors in this field and evolved into creating a visual language that makes the brand stand out in the market while still belonging to the field of online banking.
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The company’s name takes shape in the design of the logo, making it memorable. The visual language was used to structure a precise website and design the mobile app’s look and feel.
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Barbara is a skilled Business English & Communication Coach working with high level executives, entrepreneurs and professionals operating in the fast paced international business arena. 15 years experience of helping clients achieve their business goals and realize their visions has led to the development of a unique and effective learning system called PowerEnglish. PowerEnglish is designed to help overcome the language barrier between those with native English tongue and those who’ve master it as a second or third language.

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In this project the studio overhauled the branding strategy of IMC, a well known developer and provider of advanced communication systems to the aerospace and defense market. After a thorough analysis of its target markets and competitive environment, the team started to reposition and brand the different product lines. The company logo was refreshed in a way that its long time tradition was kept, but its new look has the scent of advancement.

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A global aerospace solutions group with multiple subsidiaries and brand was in need of consolidating and refreshing its image. The studio was responsible for a complete overhaul of the group’s logos and visual art language to fit the company values and its target industries.


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