[fade]Soutine 29

Interior & Exterior Signage[/fade] 


Product Design
Planning & 3D Simulation
Signage Design
Project Supervision


[fade]A luxurious apartment building was constructed at Soutine 29,  a central yet quiet location in Tel Aviv. The studio supported this project and provided interior and exterior design of unique elements that were fitted to the nature and atmosphere of the building. One of the challenges was to design and integrate a full array of decorative yet informative safety signs. These are meant to correspond with the design and dominant materials of the public spaces and complement the tidy and well illuminated appearance. Two other projects included decorating the building's main entrance with a styled welcome sign with the venue's own logo and custom designing as well as producing a unique intercom system with a small footprint, yet high artistic and functional values for guests and residents every-day use.[/fade]