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a quadcopter for quick response missions



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[fade]One of my childhood dreams, a long time before I founded my studio, was to design an aircraft. When Aero Sentinel, an Israeli UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) manufacturer asked the studio to design a quadcopter for highly demanding quick response missions, we were very excited to get started. The challenge in this project was to design and construct an aerodynamic quadcopter that will be energy efficient, and have minimal drag while flying in high velocity towards the target. The end result that was developed in cooperation with Aero Sentinel is a UAV with a unique aerodynamic form. The novel body frame allows easy access to all avionic components and was optimized to fit composite material manufacturing technologies. The quad has a specific angle for take off and real time video capture, that is altered automatically and aerodynamically optimized when transitioning to high speed flight. This design ensures minimal resistance and friction. The new quadcopter is part of a full tactical operation system that offers various types of payloads, quick deployment and turn around time with covert operation capabilities.[/fade]