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FOMO! something new soon to be delivered to your doorstep for your home entertainment! During early days of the COVID-19 outbreak, the studio was hard at work on the development and design of a new brand: Qase. Qase is an innovative platform for a home “Escape Room” experience developed by local and international gaming experts. Qase introduces diversified adventures you can enjoy with your family and friends. It makes use of humor and ingenuity so that players of all ages can become real live mystery solvers.
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The game experience is supported by an AI (Artificial Intelligence) persona named Qasey. Qasey lives in the game app and helps guide players and enhances their engagement. In this unique project, the studio team supported the startup development company from the ideation stage through design, branding, production, and all the way to digital marketing via all social media channels. Qase continues to grow and the studio supports its continuous evolution.
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Naveh Shuster

Soutine 29

A luxurious apartment building was constructed at Soutine 29, a central yet quiet location in Tel Aviv. The studio supported this project and provided interior and exterior design of unique elements that were fitted to the nature and atmosphere of the building. One of the challenges was to design and integrate a full array of decorative yet informative safety signs. These are meant to correspond with the design and dominant materials of the public spaces and complement the tidy and well illuminated appearance.

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Safe link home

blink is a start up company developing a money transfer platform, their initial target audience are foreign workers in Israel who send money home to their families abroad. The branding process started with thorough research of the many competitors in this field and evolved into creating a visual language that makes the brand stand out in the market while still belonging to the field of online banking.

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TAT Technologies

Cools you wherever you are

A global aerospace solutions group with multiple subsidiaries and brand was in need of consolidating and refreshing its image. The studio was responsible for a complete overhaul of the group’s logos and visual art language to fit the company values and its target industries.


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